White's Rx Pharmaceutical Services


Medicine by the Dose

Medicine by the Dose, “Doctor approved, Patient Tested”, is what doctors and patients have said about our innovative personal prescription packaging system designed to simplify the task of taking complex daily medication therapies.

Concierge Services

We pledge to provide the finest Personal Service and Facility for our clients. For the last 13 years our clients have enjoyed our time saving personal pharmaceutical assistance, and our privileged and exclusive experiences through our wide network of services.

OTC (Over the Counter)

White’s Healthcare appreciates your concerns about OTC items. Chances are you may be paying too much for most of your current items. We offer you the opportunity to send us your last invoice so we may meet and most likely beat what you already are paying. Coming soon...

Pharmacy Online Shop

Under development... The WhitesRx Online Pharmacy will provide online shopping for all of your pharmaceutical needs. We expect this service to be available in the spring of 2009.

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